What is a Slidelock?

First of all, it’s not a ruler.. It’s a Slidelock! How many times has your ruler slipped while your cutting WOF strips and pieces? How often do you find yourself stretching, easing or resizing block pieces to make them fit due to poorly cut fabric? Frustrating, isn’t it!

For years now quilters have tried a whole range of fixes to stop the slipping problem. Nothing has worked. Why? Because we only have one hand and five fingers to hold down a long, flat ruler. The pressure point of our hand is directly under our hand. The remaining ruler length has no pressure on it at all; and therein lies the problem.

The accompanying video demonstrates how easy it is to finally cut fabric without slipping or worrying about cutting your fingers!

NEW! Lighted Lines® Ruler From Quilter’s Slidelock®

We have received so many requests for the Lighted Lines® ruler we use during our Slidelock demonstrations that we have added it our product line.

Accurate to a fault, this laser etched ruler brings a level of precision to your measurements as only a laser etched ruler can. Unlike screen printed rulers which often have significant differences in line width, each measurement line on our Lighted Lines ruler is precisely sized. A quarter-inch measurement is a true quarter-inch measurement.  Like our Lighted Edge® Quilters Slidelock tool, it’s the unseen ultra violet light that causes each precision etched line to light up.  Regardless of the color, style or print of the fabric being used, the lighted lines of this ruler lets you make accurate measurements each and every time.

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